Cereal Bar Production Line

By | June 3, 2022

Cereal Bar Production Line. Inline circular knives slice the bars as it passes through; So that the production of manufacturers more smoothly.

Cereal_bar_production_line_07 Integrated Bakery
Cereal_bar_production_line_07 Integrated Bakery from integratedbakery.com

Cereal bar line conveyor belt: The cereal bars production line. The cereal bar production line contibar may consist of equipment that provides the following processes:

Cereal Bar Making Machine Can Make The Cereal Bar With Different Shapes And Sizes, The Product With High Quality And Easy To Operate.

The fully automatic cereal bar production line consist of four food machinery. An encoder measures the distance of the belt travelled so once the product has travelled the set distance, the belt stops and a guillotine blade cross cuts the bars; 12.660 cereal bars by 23 gram 9.000 protein bars by 23 gram never installed, still in original packaging.

You Can Also Try Different Liquids, Such As Syrup, Honey, Pureed Dried Apricots Or Barley Malt Syrup, To Name A Few.

Will provide high quality grain bar production line for the major manufacturers. The flexible modular design is a good way to start your industrial production, capable of producing up to 130 kg of cereal bars per hour. Cereals granola chocolate oats bar production line.

The Cereal Bar Production Line Contibar May Consist Of Equipment That Provides The Following Processes:

And it needs the smallest place (length 28.5m * width 8m = 228 m²). Convenient and quick cleaning of. Cereal bars are the new modern breakfast choice, providing the public with a healthy, nutritious, and convenient way of life.

Gentle Handling And Accurate Heat Transfer.

Bars making equipment for the production of breakfast cereal bars, oat bars, chocolate bars, nutritional bars, protein bars and other bars products. The cereal bars production line. A.)cut the mixed cereals products into required sizes and cool them down.

This Production Line Has 12 National Patents;

The bars can be supplemented and combined with yoghurt or milk, thus becoming a source of important proteins. The cereal bar production line starts with choosing and loading into the cooker the ingredients that will compose the bar. It is popular in the market because of delicious taste, crisp texture, rich nutrition and convenient portability.

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