Ko Mad About Bars Lyrics

By | May 27, 2022

Ko Mad About Bars Lyrics. [verse 3:] i went up to this girl, she said, hi, my name is sheena. My neighbors think i'm crazy.

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With your pretty red lips. Kailan, kailan mo ba mapapansin ang aking lihim. At night when the stars light up my room.

Cut Thru Opp Block They Pray.

Sitting in jail i used to chill n laugh. Man crossed the road when i diligent bop. Munting puwang laan sa 'yo.

At Night When The Stars Light Up My Room.

Feel it in your friggin' back i can't just sit n' chat. I'm with st making devilish plans, i'm with ko making it happen. Ay, listen, listen (yo) i can't lie, man, my finger's itching.

I Need The Money, A Truckload.

I want you back, i want you back. Ballie on when i step right left, right, and then left would’ve thought his friend was a opp cah he left his bredrin for dead. And i've said it time to time, the beef is stupid, i won't deny.

My Neighbors Think I'm Crazy.

Offica] i'm an artist, but when the beef gets hot, you cannot decline. On their block they hide, they already know what we on. I feel like cain, i'm abel and i got 'caine in 8 balls.

Car Full, Just Weapons And Goons There's Hella Fake Kweffings, How Many More Are They Gonna Do?

I don't even know where they're gone, runners. You're all i had, you're all i had. Part 1 so, this is the definition, of giving the streets what they want you’ve asked for it let me deliver it.

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