Metamucil Smoothie

By | April 5, 2022

Metamucil Smoothie. You can also add it to your favorite smoothie or shake recipe. Finally put in 4 ice cubes.

Christine's Kitchen Chronicles Metamucil PineappleOrange
Christine's Kitchen Chronicles Metamucil PineappleOrange from

Reward your taste buds and take care of your health while savoring the delicious taste of this pineapple and orange juice blend. A big thanks to eileen for sharing (and giving me permission to post). Pour into bowl of your choice.

This Is A Really Easy Smoothie.

A big thanks to eileen for sharing (and giving me permission to post). Take a cup of milk and put in a blender. Read all 65 reviews write a review.

Add A Spoonful Of Orange Metamucil.

Stir briskly and drink promptly. Then toss in a banana. Mix your whey protein directly into a bowl of cooked oats, which provides 5 grams of fiber.

You Can Also Use It In Smoothies!

Recipe makes 4 glasses or 2 big portions. Metamucil is a fiber supplement made from psyllium husk, a compound derived from the seeds of plantago ovata, also known as blond plantain. The classic way to use your metamucil is to mix it with water and drink it.

I Decided To Jazz Up The Orange Metamucil And Make A Smoothie.

Add metamucil to your smoothies metamucil powders can be mixed into more than just water or your favorite juice. I created this one inspired by metamucil’s acai smoothie bowl recipe. Enjoy this smoothie as a part of a healthy breakfast for the metamucil challenge!

Blend Yogurt, Banana, Juices, And Ice Until The Ice Is Crushed.

Cherries and banana are also high in fiber. Avocado gives healthy fats, is filling and also very high in fiber. This super gut smoothie is sweet and delicious filled with fiber rich fruits, vegetables and metamucil.

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