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Old Wham Bars

Old Wham Bars. Box of 50 chewy wham bars ; According to tangerine (the current holders of the wham brand), the bar was once selling as many as 30 million units a year (falkirk herald 10 march 2016). Wham Bar The Classic Retro Sweet made by Barratts and from www.handycandy.co.uk A confectionery created in the… Read More »

Irn Bru Wham Bars

Irn Bru Wham Bars. A chewy gummy bar with hidden sherbet on the inside, wham sweets have been available in various flavours across the decades, ranging from the classic flavour to irn bru wham bars and other flavours such as cola and super sour cherry. Bulk box contains 72 bars in a display Wham iron… Read More »