Baso Gas Valve Grease

By | April 16, 2022

Baso Gas Valve Grease. Use our product locator tool to find an appropriate grease, or contact our technical help desk to discuss the specific operating conditions of. Lube should be injected at a steady pace.

Baso Y70AA2C Gas Valve Grease YouTube
Baso Y70AA2C Gas Valve Grease YouTube from

Country of origin is subject to change. Cleaning the contacts was also a good move. Automatic pilot valves shut off both the main and pilot gases.

The Pilot Light Is Not Heating The Thermocouple Well Enough To Work Due To Alignment Or Flame Issues.

Gas will flow only to the pilot burner when the reset button is depressed. Baso® gas valve thread grease, 2.5 oz, tube, grease, composition: Y70 series grease is specifically compounded to.

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Gas safety valves these valves automatically control main gas flow. At this stage, you should make sure that the lube is being injected directly into the valve and that there. Pilot gas is tapped from the main line within the control.

Baso Has Been Manufacturing A Range Of Gas Control Components For The Commercial Water And Heating Industries For Over 90 Years.

Will not run at high temperature and remains pliable at low. Regular $1.29 ace hardware plumbers faucet/valve grease doesn’t say anything about gas. Y70 gas valve thread grease is specially compounded to provide excellent lubrication at temperatures ranging from 32° to 175°f.

Many Different Greases Can Be Used In Natural Gas Valve Applications.

Baso is an innovative leader in developing and manufacturing a wide range of quality gas control products and accessories. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against to be used as gas valve grease. Automatic pilot valves shut off both the main and pilot gases.

Tube Of Gas Valve Thread Grease (Small Tube).

Professionals of the original equipment manufacturer or trained licensed contractors are approved to install or service baso gas products. Y71 regulator kits allow conversion from natural gas to liquefied propane or from liquefied propane to natural gas with top or bottom adjust regulation. Valve grease, 2.5 oz., fits brand baso item # 62xy37;

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